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Memberships & Scholarships

Do you enjoy sailing in Miami, Florida? You'll get the absolute best day rate on sailboat rental on Biscayne Bay with our boating memberships. Team Paradise offers a wide range of options to meet your needs and give you access to our team. Our programs are both inspirational and motivational and there's a lot you can gain with a membership.

Boarding Pass Included

In order to participate in a Team Paradise activity, membership is required. The Boarding Pass option is included in the program fee for most of our programs except boat rental.

Regular Membership $60/year

Renting our boats requires Team Paradise Membership

Gold Level $250

Gold Level members receive 15% discount on boat rental

Executive Platinum $1,800/Year

Executive Platinum Members receive three days of personal coaching, $450 credit on boat rental fee and 25% discount on boat rental.

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Boating Scholarships

Team Paradise scholarships are available for the disabled and blind community. Proceeds from our Sailing School and corporate sailing events go toward fulfilling our mission to "Change lives by inspiring and empowering the disabled community to experience outdoor recreational, educational and healing activities through the sport of sailing."

Group on Sailboat


Members of our charter program sail Biscayne Bay in our Sonar™ and RS Venture boats. You are eligible to participate if you have proven, documented knowledge, or you have demonstrated your capabilities and successfully completed our Certification Course. The level of certification depends on your skills and abilities to control the boat in a variety of conditions. The limits for sailing are up to 10MPH, 15MPH, or 20MPH wind. We do not rent boats when wind is stronger than 20MPH, but will allow access to boats for those with the skill and experience to safely handle the conditions. Membership in Team Paradise is required.


Class schedules and pricing are subject to change without notice, and we require a minimum 24-hour notice for scheduling or cancelling classes and chartering boats. Boats may not always be available, but we make all efforts to accommodate your needs. Certifications for charters are issued on an individual basis, and we reserve all rights to refuse certification due to lack of skill and seamanship. $500 refundable damage deposits are required for all charters.

The refundable damage deposit will be returned once the vessel has been returned to port and properly inspected, no later than two business days after the rental is completed. Normal wear and tear is no reason to deduct from the Damage Deposit, but neglect or ignorance of seamanship may be. Boats should be returned in the same shape as when they left the dock. Any collision occurring while racing must result in a protest, filed by the skipper of the Team Paradise vessel to the Race Committee, within the protest time limit.

Waiver of Liability and Injury

Participation in Team Paradise events is at your own risk. Team Paradise will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with, prior to, during, or after the event.

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