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US Sailing accredited school

Our Sailing School is Accredited by US Sailing

Looking for the best sailing education available? You’ve come to the right place! US Sailing, the National Governing Body for the Sport of Sailing, has been serving sailors since 1897 and our commitment to our more than 45,000 members is to provide a safe, fun and successful experience.

Basic Keelboat Certification

You will learn the fundamental principles of safe, confident daysailing on a keelboat ranging from 18 to 27 feet in length in light to moderate winds. Learn the basics while enjoying a beautiful day on the water. Student will see their confidence rise from day one to that of a competent sailor by the end of the course.

Challenge the course - A certification candidate may, with previous experience and competency, challenge the required prerequisite levels by completing the written and practical examinations for each required level.  Essentially, you will be taken for an on-the-water evaluation for the highest level of certification you are challenging.  Pass the practical and then take the exam for the appropriate certification levels.

Basic Keelboat Certification

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Learn to Sail & Race

Our Learn to Sail and Learn to Race courses are seamlessly combined into one! 

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Learn to Sail

Learn the ability to sail in a straight line, holding a steady course at all points of sails. Our famous "Calle-8-Drill" focuses on time, distance and boat handling. 

The Learn-to-Sail course covers: The compass, true and apparent wind, leaving and returning to the dock, all points of sail, sail trim, boat handling, crew positions, time and distance, holding a steady course, and safely navigating Biscayne Bay.

The course includes 15 hours of instruction, or about four to five lessons, taught on either our RS Venture or our Sonar. Class material is include in class tuition.

Learn to Race

If you have never raced, or if you have been racing for awhile, yet never seem to find a passing lane, this course is for you! It focuses on time, distance and boat handling elements, all in preparation of starting maneuvers and then on to the race course itself. 

The course includes: Boat Handling, Sail Trim, Pre-Start Maneuvering, Starts, Race Tactics, Race Strategy, Racing Rules.

Our Learn to Race course material is rich in detail and easy to understand. The course includes 15 hours of instruction, or about four to five lessons, taught on either our RS Venture or our Sonar. Class material is include in class tuition.

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Competency Certifications

Certification course teaches proper sailing techniques and the Standard Operating Procedures for the small keelboat (Sonar) and a ballasted centerboard dinghy (RS Venture). The certification ultimately qualifies the holder to charter boats for personal enjoyment from Team Paradise. Both certification courses teach how to sail upwind and downwind in various conditions. Learn the "ropes" of our boats!

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Stu Gilfillen on Instructor Certification

In this episode of US Sailing's "This is what we do" series, Stu Gilfillen, Director of Education at US Sailing, discusses the instructor training and certification programs that US Sailing offers for both, sailing and powerboating.