Sailing School - Charters - Adaptive & Paralympic Programs

Welcome to Team Paradise Sailing!

Team Paradise is a truly unique sailing organization that gives the disabled community an opportunity to sail at all levels of expertise, ranging from recreational enjoyment to training for world-class competitions. Our activities are 99% sea-based and for the most part, we are sailing on Biscayne Bay. We are located in Coconut Grove, FL.

U.S. Olympic gold medal sailor, Magnus Liljedahl, founded team Paradise in 2005. Through all his lifetime accomplishment, Magnus claims Team Paradise to be his destined life fulfillment. He shares what he learns from others and is quick to point out the many benefits that sailing has to offer.

Team Paradise Sailing Academy has a program for everyone — whether you want to compete in racing, take sailing lessons, or simply just go for a recreational sail. No sailing skills are required to become involved. Our Academy is a sailing school where everyone is welcome, disabled or not.

Classes are pre-paid and FREE for Wounded Warriors, Members of the Armed Forces and for anyone with a disability. Class fees and tuitions are paid for through grants, donations and proceeds from our Sailing Academy.